Friday, February 2, 2007


Sri Lakshmi

The next acharya is our Srivaishnava Sampradhaya is Sri Lakshmi.She is called Priya Piratti or divine mother. Sri Lakshmi is always in the company of Naryana. Her only concern is the welfare of us. She is full of compassion and ignorant of punishing us for our faults. Without her recommendation, Sriman Naryana won’t grant our wishes


Saha Dharma Chareem Soure Sammantritha Jagad HithAm
Anugraha Mayeem Vandhe Nityam AgjnAna NigrahAm

Meaning: I bow to Lakshmi, the co performer of the duties of Lord Vishnu, whose
only concern is welfare of the world, who is personification of compassion, who
does not know punishing the sinners.

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